Our Church

橙縣華人宣道會誠摯地歡迎您! 我們是一群居住在美國的華人基督徒,本於對上帝愛世人的領受組成教會,熱切的敬拜事奉祂。 二十餘年來本會在主任牧師李俊民夫婦帶領下,彼此相愛,一同學習聖經的價值觀,並以傳揚基督的救贖恩自期互勉。我們以成為這個屬靈大家庭的一位貢獻者為榮。 深願這網頁成為您我聯繫的橋樑,在基督裏携手共進人生的每一階段。

我們的使命是教導會眾主動、認真地察驗及操練聖經的價值觀; 誠懇、積極地活出及宣揚基督的救贖恩。


Our congregation is primarily Chinese Christian immigrants and American-born Chinese. Although we come from different places such as China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, we meet as one spiritual family. Our unity is a reflection of God’s love for the whole world; we are here to worship and serve Him fervently. By God’s grace, our church has matured under the shepherding of Rev. and Mrs. John Lee. We encourage one another to take hold of biblical values and proclaim the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We strive to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in order to live lives that reflect the living words that Jesus Christ taught. We take joy in being part of this spiritual family. We hope that this website will serve as a bridge so that we can grow together in Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to help the congregation take the initiative to seriously examine and practice biblical values; to sincerely and positively live and proclaim Christ’s salvation.